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    For-Pilates-page-4Now well known, the benefits of Pilates have something to offer everyone, whatever your activity level, shape, size and personal or professional goal. From the novice, inactive person to the professional athlete, The Pilates Method is a systematic approach to whole body and mind fitness. Now more than ever, science and popular culture recognize the real value of a mind-body approach to exercise. Celebrities, professional athletes, executives, fitness buffs, moms, dads and young people can all experience the myriad benefits that Pilates has to offer.

    Pilates redefines the body and redistributes weight, creating functional strength and shapely curves. There is an emphasis on the core center of the body, stabilization of the spine, proper joint alignment and injury prevention. Pilates emphasizes self-awareness and enhances the mind-body connection.

    The 8 principles of Pilates included in our instruction are:

    1. Control
    2. Breath
    3. Centering
    4. Concentration and Imagination
    5. Precision
    6. Fluidity
    7. Stabilization
    8. Coordination

    The benefits:

    • Strengthens the core center of the body
    • Improves flexibility, coordination and balance
    • Redistributes body weight
    • Lengthens, balances and streamlines the muscles
    • Improves posture and alignment
    • Improves mind body awareness


    For_Pilates_pageRead about the mastermind behind the Pilates Method, Joseph Pilates
    Joseph Pilates developed his unique system of exercise in the early 1900’s in Germany. His methods sprung from his determination to overcome his own physical challenges as a child including asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. Pilates developed the apparatus equipment that is still used today during World War 1. While interned in a prison camp he devised methods to help immobile patients move limbs, lengthen the spine and develop core strength using hospital beds, chairs and springs. Today, Pilates has become a popular and useful tool for improving fitness, flexibility, rehabilitation and prevention of injury for all populations.